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The 3-Step Difference

Step #1: Initial Consult

Book a FREE consultation where we get to know you and discuss your problems. During this visit we will schedule all the necessary x-rays. 

Step #2: Seeing Is Knowing

We don’t guess when it comes to your health. Before starting your care, we schedule very specific x-rays to identify the root cause of your pain. 

Step #3: Getting Started

Dr. Graf will walk you through your x-rays, show you whether or not your pain is coming from your spine and create a personalized treatment plan to kick off road to recovery. 

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For over 10 years, “The People’s Chiropractor” Dr. Justin Graf, has helped 1,000’s of patients regain their quality of life and become pain free without drugs or surgeries. He does this through a proven, plan based chiropractic care.

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Patient Testimonials

We are getting amazing results right here in Emmaus.

Over 50 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews on Google!


Justin is one of the most passionate about his work Doctor's of Chiropractic that I know. He is about helping you find the root of them and helps you fix the cause of the problems. He works with you, Develops a plan and follows through. Cannot thank him enough for all he's done.
Paul Carper
Paul Carper
18:36 21 Jun 18
I moved to this area about 4 years ago from Philadelphia and needed to find a new chiropractor. After much time searching, I found Dr. Graf. I've been under chiropractic care for about 10 years and Dr. Graf is the best. He is knowledgeable and works with my hectic schedule. Before seeing him, I managed to work around back pain. Since being a patient of his for the past 3 years, I'm now pain free and back to my active lifestyle. I am back to riding dirt bikes, exercising and golfing without the fear of my back letting me down. Greatest health decision I have made
Jason Gordienko
Jason Gordienko
20:07 20 Jun 18
Being constantly on the move and carrying gear as a photo/video professional really beats me up. Having Dr. Graf educate me on the importance of my spinal health and walk me through a care plan that applies specific adjustments to my spine is invaluable.I leave every visit relieved and relaxed and I'd recommend to anyone in similar situation.
David Bracetty
David Bracetty
21:16 19 Jun 18
Dr Graf is awesome! He doesn't just treat your symptoms but is always educating his patients on their overall health and the impact your spine has on your health and wellness, and your life. He lives what he preaches...he cares deeply for people and is passionate about wanting them to live well and be healthy. 🙌🏽
Lori Bickford
Lori Bickford
22:42 18 Jun 18
I came to Abundant Helath Chiropractic after multiple trips to the ER for severe migraines. It was found that the curve in my neck was no longer there. This was from everyday technology (looking at computers and cell phones) or from multiple cheerleading accidents in High school and College. I started on a personalized wellness plan with Dr. Graf. After about three months the changes were so drastic. My migraines were very few and in between and just the difference in X-Rays from my first evaluation to my current one were amazing. The curve in my neck was actually back! I would recommend coming to see Dr. Graf even if it is just for an opinion or for an actual appointment. Chiropractic care can improve your life drastically!
Kaitlin O'Connor
Kaitlin O'Connor
21:43 18 Jun 18
Dr. Graf has changed my life forever! Couldn’t recommend him more. Totally worth it!
Alyssa Buczynski
Alyssa Buczynski
21:25 18 Jun 18
I have been a patient for a few years and my quality of life has definitely improved. I have suffered with migraines for 20+ years and since seeing Dr. Graf I have been able to decrease the medications that I take on a regular basis. I highly recommend Abundant Health Chiropractic.
Kim Moreau
Kim Moreau
21:19 18 Jun 18
Dr. Graf is one of a kind, compassionate and caring is only the beginning of what you will experience from him. He will definitely help you to feel better, I have been coming since Oct and feel much better.
Kathy Hutnick
Kathy Hutnick
15:02 14 Jun 18
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What patients are saying about Dr. Graf

  • He cares about your long-term health!

    Justin is a genuinely happy chiropractor who is patient and very helpful. This practice cares about the actual needs of the person for their long-term health and are very efficient with helping their patients!

  • Feeling so much better!

    My boyfriend and I both train Jiu Jitsu regularly that it started taking a toll on our bodies. We both felt so much discomfort along with migraines that we knew we had to listen to our bodies! After attending a few chiropractors and feeling like they didn’t do anything, a friend of ours referred us to Dr. Justin Graf. We have only seen him three times, and we both notice such a difference. Not only with our pain, but he took the time to educate us as well. I don’t ever post reviews, but I truly believe this is worth the post! His Facebook page offers a ton of information, and he is willing to listen to help! That was a big deal for us! Someone taking the time out of their busy lives to help others beyond their hours! How awesome is that! If you’re looking for a great chiropractor, check their website, their Facebook, and call for an appointment!

  • I can chew gum without pain again!

    Abundant Health is amazing and they have helped me immensely with my TMJ/Neck and back issues. I have been seeing Dr. Graf for about 4 months and he is helping me attain my health goals and get on the road to being pain free. I have noticed considerable gains in movement as well as a decrease in pain and headaches. He is willing to listen to any and all questions and genuinely cares for his patients! I can now chew gum again thanks to him, something I haven’t been able to do in several years due to my TMJ. Highly recommend.

  • Chiropractic has truly saved my life!

    Dr. Graf is amazing! If you are experiencing issues with your spine or headaches, I highly recommend going to Abundant Health Chiropractic. In March 2016 I fractured my spine. After spending 3 months immobilized, a summer of PT that didn’t help, and countless visits to Lehigh Valley Spine Specialists who kept shoving pain meds and muscle relaxers down my throat, I decided to give chiropractic a chance. Dr. Graf ordered x-rays and showed me specifically where the issues were in each vertebrae. After treating with Dr. Graf for three months, I was finally able to make it through a full day of activity and return to doing the things I used to to pre-injury. I have been treating with Dr. Graf for almost 9 months now and I have recovered from my injury 100%. Dr. Graf has an extensive knowledge of chiropractic medicine and takes the time to educate his patients as well. He also re-orders x-rays and reviews to show his patients their improvement. The office is welcoming and the staff is very friendly and inviting. Chiropractic has truly saved my life. If you are considering visiting a spine specialist or thinking about cortisone injections, I highly recommend saving yourself a lot of frustration, time, and money and go to Dr. Graf.

  • Personable and Informative

    I have been a patient of Dr. Graf for a few years now. My main problem has been lower back pain and after seeing Dr. Graf I have seen tremendous results.  We went over my alignment issues and I have found him to be very personable and informative. He is truly interested in the well-being and life-long care of his patients. I have recommended him to my family and friends. He does wonderful work and you won’t be disappointed. Try him!

  • Migraines Gone!

    Dr. Graf and his chiropractic plan is the only treatment that has saved me from having debilitating migraines which had been previously impacting my life multiple times per month for over a decade.  Since I began treatment approximately one year ago, I’ve had one migraine that couldn’t be interrupted.  Dr. Graf is a truly caring professional who does a superb job at educating how chiropractic care impacts a person’s overall health.  His level of knowledge, passion, and down to earth style is unprecedented amongst medical professionals and I would recommend him without reservation.”

Chiropractic Care May Help You With


Headaches/ Migraines

Disc Injury or Disc Herniation

Neck Pain

Back Pain


Vertigo/ Dizziness

Digestive Problems

Focus and Concentration

Muscle Pain/ Spasm

Family Care/Pediatrics

Sinus Problems



Sleep Problems

Acid Reflux



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Meet. Dr. Graf

Dr. Justin Graf is a health educator, motivator, speaker, and most sought after chiropractor in the Lehigh Valley. He’s known for being one of the only chiropractors in the area that does a specific x-ray analysis to identify, correct, and eliminate the cause of your pain WITHOUT the effects and expense of medications and surgery.

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