Meet the Team at Abundant Health Chiropractic

meet the teamChiropractor, Justin Graf, D.C.

Dr. Justin Graf is a health educator, motivator, speaker, and most sought after chiropractor in the Lehigh Valley.  He’s known for being one of the only chiropractors in the area that does a specific x-ray analysis to identify, correct, and eliminate the cause of your pain WITHOUT the effects and expense of medications and surgery.

Dr. Graf is a 2007 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, the very first Chiropractic school in the world. He is local to the Lehigh Valley and was a standout student athlete at Nazareth High School.  Prior to Chiropractic school he attended Muhlenberg College where he played baseball, received his four year bachelor’s degree and focused on pre-medical studies.  

Since he began practicing Chiropractic, Dr. Graf has kept up to date with continuing his education, ensuring his patients receive the highest level of Chiropractic care possible.  He has completed a 110+ hour program as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) as well as obtaining the highest level training certification as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  He has also received extensive training in Active Release Technique (ART), the gold standard for soft tissue care and highly sought out by elite and professional athletes.  

Dr. Graf has focused continuing his Chiropractic education on the learning Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP)- the most effective and most researched technique for long term correction of the spine.  

Dr. Graf was drawn to become a Chiropractor because of a positive experience he had as a patient with a Chiropractor in 1998 to help with severe lower back pain and injury.  Over time he came to discover the extraordinary benefits Chiropractic can offer for overall true health and wellness, beyond pain relief.  meet the team

During his time in practice he has enjoyed working with people of all ages improve their health and regain a higher quality of life.  For two years he served as a Chiropractic Associate for the Chiropractor of the Philadelphia Phillies and Villanova University athletes.

Dr. Graf lives an active healthy lifestyle.  He enjoys weight lifting, running, and cooking healthy food.  He enjoys reading books for the purpose of educating himself and continued self-improvement so that he can continue to help those around him.

He enjoys spending time at home with his wife, Danielle, daughter, Alana, and puppy,  Kinley.

Dr. Graf is passionate about helping people through education, empowerment, and taking action.   

meet the teamOffice Manager, Danielle Graf, M.Ed

Danielle is a 2011 graduate from DeSales University with a Masters in Education.  Previously, she was a teacher for 7 years.  Prior to teaching, Danielle earned a bachelor’s degree from East Stroudsburg University in Exercise Science.  She was employed at a large, local orthopedic group in the fitness, rehabilitation, and physical therapy department.  Additionally, she was responsible for overseeing spinal decompression therapy for individuals who suffered from disc injuries.  

Danielle is originally from the Lehigh Valley and graduated from Nazareth High School.  She has always enjoyed leading a healthy lifestyle and incorporating exercise into her life.  She found her passion to be helping others through health, fitness, and education.   

Currently, Danielle spends much of her time caring for her 1 year old daughter and puppy as well as managing the practice to make it a smooth and pleasurable experience for the patients and staff.  

During her spare time, Danielle enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, drinking good coffee, traveling to new places, decorating, attempting to be “crafty,” and spending time with family and friends.