5 Stretches to Survive Sitting All Day

What a week! We have been busier than ever helping everyone stay healthy so that all of you can be at your very best. We owe this to you and your family for choosing us.   It’s amazing how many friends, family members, and co-workers have been referred in lately. So keep spreading the word.  I am honored to be a part of your health team.

In laast week’s email, we talked about 2015 being the year of health for you. I’m so excited to share some life changing facts with you today. It’s something that affects everyone with a 9-5 desk job or that binge watches “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix for hours on end. It’s something you are probably doing right now as you read this email.

You ready? Here it is:


Sitting for a long time is a huge detriment to our health. And everyone from the Today Show to the Washington Post to your very own Dr. Justin Graf is trying to get you to do something about it.

Why is sitting so bad for your health?

  • Trouble thinking clearly
  • Strained Neck
  • Sore Shoulders and Back
  • Inflexible Spine
  • Disc Damage
  • Weak Abs
  • Tight Hips
  • Soft glutes (lets be honest, nobody wants a mushy butt)
  • Soft Bones
  • Poor circulation in legs
  • Dowagers Syndrome (That little hump in your back? More on that later!)


(If you got about halfway down the list and started to panic, you can schedule an appointmenthere to get you on the right path.)


Here are the facts about sitting

  • Sitting 6+ hours a day makes you 40% more likely to die within 15 years than someone who sits for less than 3. Even if you exercise!
  • As soon as we sit, calorie burn drops to 1 per minute and enzymes that help breakdown fat drops 90%.
  • People with sitting jobs are 2x more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who stand at their jobs.


Think about it: If you are sitting all day at work, even if you workout for 30 minutes, it doesn’t undo the damage! So what do we do!?


Lets admit it, our jobs aren’t going to buy us all treadmill desks so here is an awesome stretching chart I put together over the weekend that you can do right in your office. And I promise, any awkward looks that you get will be worth it in the long run.


5 Stretches to do in Your Chair While Sitting

5 stretches for sitting all day

Download this infographic and share it with someone you think could really benefit from it.

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How can I remember to do these stretches everyday?

Lastly, what good are these exercises if we forget to do them? We get busy, hours fly by. It’s tough to remind ourselves. Here are two apps you can download, one for Mac and one for Windows. You set how often you want the reminders to pop up and how long you’d like for them to last.

Big Stretch Reminder: http://www.monkeymatt.com/bigstretch/  (For windows)

Anti RSIhttp://antirsi.onnlucky.com/  (For Mac)