The Liver depends on the LIVER

“Is life worth living? That depends on the liver.” -BJ Palmer.

Your liver is an amazing organ, that is vital to you staying healthy. The job of the liver serves many functions in your body.

8 Functions of the Liver:
1. Detoxing and filtering chemicals from your blood
2. Production of necessary cholesterol and triglycerides
3. Making proteins used for clotting factors
4. Storage of glycogen (sugar molecules) for energy usage
5. Production of bile to breakdown fats
6. Storage of iron
7. Resisting infections by producing immune factors
8. Regulation of hormones

5 Simple Tips On How To Keep Your Liver Healthy:
1. Maintaining proper nerve supply via chiropractic and a healthy spine 2. Reduce or eliminate alcohol.
3. Take steps to minimize or avoid all prescription and over-the-counter drugs
4. Avoid a diet high in processed sugars and carbohydrates
5. Incorporate foods that support a healthy liver like garlic, beets, carrots, leafy green vegetables, apples, cruciferous vegetables, olive oil, cabbage, lemons/limes, and avocados.

Remember the Liver depends on the LIVER!