Why Consistent Care is Important from a Patient’s Perspective

Chiropractic AdjustmentsThe last two years were by far the busiest years of my life. In addition to starting a new job and a family with my wife, we moved from Allentown to Macungie and became home owners. Needless to say anyone would be stressed.

Let me tell you about my wife and I. We are in our early 30’s and while we haven’t slept much in the last 3 years, we still make an effort to either get out for a run or lift everyday. We do our best to eat organic and feed our kids the best food possible. From the outside, anyone would say that we are ‘healthy’ or that we at least fit the image of ‘health’.

True health is more than just running fast and a six pack

Working with Dr. Justin Graf over the last two years has opened my eyes about health being more than just being fit and running fast. Shortly after starting my new desk job, I started to develop pain in the my leg and my left shoulder. I didn’t get why this was happening. I foam rolled. I stretched. I got up and walked around a couple times a day. When the pain started to get unbearable, I’d schedule a session with Dr. Graf. I fell into the bad habit of trying to fix myself and then when I couldn’t, I would pop in for a session or two. He finally convinced me to get  X-rays to see if there were any underlying issues with my spine.


What the X-ray said about my neck

There is supposed to be a curve somewhere in there. Maybe it was all the time I spent designing websites or editing images, leaning forward into my 13″ Macbook. I can’t imagine how much worse it would be if I had a smart phone all those years. Dr. Graf informed my I had a 93% loss of curve in my neck.  Even with the evidence of what was causing my pain right in my eyes, I didn’t commit to the care plan. For me, it was about the making the time for it. Not the cost or whether it would work or not. Life was so hectic that I didn’t care enough about the loss of curve enough to commit.

Instead, I dabbled. I committed for 3 weeks after the X-rays of 3 visits a week. Over the adjustments, the pain in my shoulder subsided and in my tricep. I decided I was fine to now come in 1-2x a month just for maintenance. Over time, the pain in the neck, tricep and mid back would come and go. There were periods where I felt absolutely amazing and pain free, and other times where I stretching every 5 minutes at my desk to get through the day.

This continued over the next two years. With no progress with the discomfort and seeing a lot of the recent success stories on the Abundant Health Facebook page, I decided enough was enough. I was curious though to see if there was any progress I had made in two years. This time my wife, shortly after having our third child, decided to commit with me. We went to X-rays together, almost exactly two years to the day of my previous X-rays. The result? Well, see for yourself.


Two years after sporadic treatments

Two different images, two years apart. I was pretty disappointed. But to completely honest, I know I half-assed the treatment. There wasn’t enough consistency in what I was doing. The pain came and went and I let that dictate my treatment. So two years and 33 visits later, nothing. At least it didn’t get worse, but this wasn’t the result I was hoping for.

So now it’s time. My wife and I are committing to a 12 week Spinal Care Corrective Plan. Will I get back to a perfect curve? Maybe, maybe not. But I know that this is causing my issues. The nerves that run down into my left arm relate exactly to the vertebrae that is the most locked up.

The message is now plain and clear to me. I didn’t get the results. I tiptoed around the problem and tried to do it my way. I’m sharing this story with you so you can learn from my mistakes. Don’t make the same mistake I did in waisting your money and time by letting pain dictate your treatment as I did.

The only way to fix this is to commit. The before and after results of the other patients graduating from the care plan are amazing and my inspiration. They are real patients like you and me getting results. The only difference is they are committing, going all in with the care. No matter how much organic food I eat, weights I lift or miles I run, I won’t get the curve back in my neck. Only Dr. Graf can do that for me.


Working out with kids

It’s about my family

At the end of the day, it’s not about me. It’s about being able to run and play with my kids as the grow up. I’m doing this for my family to not cheat them out of having a father who can drive to the parkway and go on a bike ride or run. I’m pumped to start this journey. one week in, my spine is already moving in ways it didn’t over the last two years. No one ever got straight teeth after taking their braces off in 3 weeks, so I’m very excited to share my results with you in 12 weeks.