True Core? What is it anyway?

Everybody knows that a strong core is essential for staying healthy, fit, and out of pain.

But what really is the core? Because if you don’t know what something is, how can you improve it?

Classically most physical therapists, strength coaches, and personal trainers teach that the muscles that wrap around your mid-section, some pelvic/hip muscles, and diaphragm make up your core. Of course this is true, however, this approach does not run deep enough to get the best results.

The core really all starts with your spine and nervous system.
First of all, the spine is your structural support system. It’s what holds your posture. The action of the above mentioned muscles are dependent upon proper alignment and movement of the spine.

Secondly, the function of the above mentioned muscles are dependent upon control of the nervous system. Your brain must be able to communicate via the spinal cord, spinal nerves, and peripheral nerves to optimally coordinate muscle activity.

Shifts in spinal alignment (SUBLUXATIONS) ultimately block normal nerve messages to and from the brain, interfering with core muscle activation.
Just imagine if you cut the nerves to these muscles. They wouldn’t work so well would they?

Proper spinal corrective and maintenance techniques in conjunction with chiropractic care is the foundation for a strong “core”. You are only as strong and healthy as your TRUE CORE, your spine and nervous system.