Your health can work FOR or AGAINST you

“Your health can either work FOR you or AGAINST you.” -Dr. Justin Graf

The level of your health can determine your capacity to do what you want with your life.

The person’s life who has a higher level of health looks entirely different than someone with a lower level of health.

When someone is suffering with symptoms, sickness, disease or just decreased function there is no possible way they are living the life they were created to.

Think about someone suffering with chronic pain. Pain is distracting and drains energy. It robs a person of higher quality relationships.

Chronic pain steals energy that would normally be used to focus on daily and life goals.

This can affect your relationships, career, and finances.

Now imagine someone who is pain free, symptom free, disease free, and functioning at a high level.

This person has the ability to have a higher potential to achieve what they want in life.

Life can be hard enough sometimes. Don’t stack the deck against you by destroying your health with bad decisions.

Always choose investing in your health, because it will always work for you in every way in your life.

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