Headaches and Migraines in EmmausMigraines and Headaches

If you commonly experience headaches, or have experienced a migraine, you know how painful and debilitating they can be.  Traditionally, people treat headaches and migraines with over-the-counter medications or prescription medications.  Medications can help with the pain of the migraine or headache, but it does not fix the cause.  Therefore, they continue to return.  At Abundant Health Chiropractic of Emmaus, Dr. Justin Graf will work with you to eliminate migraines and headaches without pain medication.

Symptoms of a Headache and Migraine

The symptoms of migraines or headaches can vary.  Migraines have more severe symptoms than headaches. However, both can diminish the quality of a person’s life in many ways.  Symptoms of this condition may include neck pain, eye tension, irritability, sensitivity to light and sound, depression, nausea, and so on.

Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines and Headaches

Chiropractic can greatly help those that suffer from headaches and migraines.  A misalignment on the spine, known as a subluxation, can cause pressure on the nervous system.  By aligning the spine and removing the pressure, the occurrence of headaches or migraines can be minimized or corrected.  When scheduling an appointment, Dr. Justin Graf will review your medical history and determine the best path of treatment for you.

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