Disc Injury or Disc Herniation in the Lehigh Valley

Disc Injury or disc herniation

Do you think you are suffering from a disc injury or disc herniation?  Have you been diagnosed with this type of problem?  If you believe you are experiencing back or neck pain caused by a disc injury, you will likely benefit from seeing a chiropractor.  At Abundant Health Chiropractic of the Emmaus, Dr. Justin Graf helps to correct the spine and naturally heal disc injuries and disc herniations.

Symptoms of a Disc Injury or Disc Herniation

Symptoms of a disc injury can range from mild to severe pain.  It is important to correct the problem as soon as possible, so it does not get worse and cause permanent damage.  Often times these disc conditions can irritate, inflame, or impinge the nerves of the spine.  This can lead to symptoms such as radiating pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness into the arms or legs.

Types of Disc Injuries

There are different types of disc injuries that lead to pain and restrictive activity.

  • Disc protrusion or Disc bulge is when the fluid begins to push out.
  • Disc herniation occurs when the fluid within the disc leaks out.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is when there is a loss of the inner fluid and the disc begins to shrink.

Chiropractic Treatment for Disc Injuries

Each of the bones in the spine are separated by intervertebral discs.  Each of these discs has a tough outer covering and a fluid, gel-like center.  They act as shock absorbers and allow for smooth movement of the spine.  These discs hold open the holes for the nerves that exit the spine.  At Abundant Health Chiropractic, Dr. Justin Graf provides specific chiropractic adjustments and care to alleviate pressure on the disc.  This allows the disc material to reabsorb and heal.  Relief can vary depending on the degree of injury, but more importantly chiropractic can correct the condition for the long-term.

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