Suffering with Neck Pain in Emmaus

neck pain

Living with neck pain can be very frustrating.  It can make simple movements of the head, neck, shoulders, arms, and back extremely difficult.  Neck pain can lead to headaches and difficulty using your body.  It can also drain your energy making it difficult to focus and concentrate.

Understanding the root cause of your neck pain is important toward resolving it.  This is vital because if the problem is not corrected as quickly as possible, the lack of mobility will cause weakness and degeneration to set in.

It is also common for many people to take OTC medications and prescription drugs to alleviate neck symptoms.  This only masks the real problem and the person’s condition will worsen over time.  At Abundant Health Chiropractic of Emmaus, Dr. Justin Graf will work with you to eliminate or significantly reduce neck pain.

What causes neck pain?

Although the neck is a relatively small area of the body, it is made up of some very complicated structures.  There are 7 small bones in the neck that protect delicate nerves of the spine and allow for a lot of mobility and subluxations (misalignments).  This can make the neck vulnerable to pain and injury.  

What contributes to subluxations in the spine and neck pain?

  • Poor posture
  • Sleeping position
  • Sitting at a desk all day
  • Trauma, such as Whiplash
  • Emotional stress
  • Repetitive stress
  • Technology
  • Breastfeeding or Bottle feeding babies
  • Muscle strains and Muscle pulls

These stressors can cause the spine to go out of alignment (causing a subluxation) and lead to inflammation, impingement, and irritation on the nerves.  This can lead to muscle spasm and increased pain signals.  A shift from normal spinal alignment will create a feeling of chronically tight muscles.  This is the body’s way of trying to prevent further shifts in the spine.  Over time this can lead to scar tissue in the muscles.

Many people suffering with neck pain will try to wait and see if it will get better on its own.  In some cases this may happen.  However, the problem in spine was never CORRECTED.  Therefore, it will degenerate over time making recurring episodes more frequent and intense.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

First, the alignment and overall health of the neck must be assessed to be able to determine the best course of chiropractic care to resolve the neck pain.  Once the misalignments or subluxations that are causing the pain have been identified, specific chiropractic adjustments can be implemented to realign the spine and take the stress off the nerves.  

Some people will notice immediate and dramatic improvements in increased mobility and pain relief.  However, it may take more time with some people who have more chronic neck pain. Specific adjustments have been proven to be safe and effective in the correction of neck pain.

 At Abundant Health ChiropracticDr. Justin Graf provides specific chiropractic adjustments and care to reduce subluxations and correct your spine.

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